Swedish diplomacy at work: US prisoner released by North Korea
American Jeffrey Fowle, 56, has been released from jail in North Korea with help from Sweden. Fowle, of Miamisburg, Ohio, traveled in North Korea as a tourist in May. He was accused of leaving a Bible in a nightclub for foreign sailors in the northern city of Chongjin. The United States does not have an embassy or diplomatic ties in North Korea and regularly uses Sweden for help with various types of humanitarian missions. The United States thanks Sweden and the Swedish embassy for their "tireless efforts" that eventually led to Fowle’s release, and continues to hope for the release of two other Americans still detained there. Three of only five Swedes that live in North Korea work at the Embassy in Pyongyang.

The hottest prince ever
Swedes aren’t the only ones who recognize Prince Carl Philip as a decent royal with stunning good looks — Americans are also taking notice of the 35-year-old son of the Swedish king and queen. The American website Buzzfeed recently twice paid tribute to Prince Carl Philip Edmund Bertil of Sweden, the Duke of Värmland. Also known as the King of Hearts, he has been described as "kind of the hottest prince ever." And since his June engagement to Sofia Hellqvist - Swedish Prince Carl Philip engaged, and October's successful visit on a television chat show, Prince Carl Philip has gained notoriety in an already famous family. The public warmed up to him even more when, in response to media portraying him as unintelligent after confusing some numbers at a public event, he explained that he has dyslexia. "I wanted to show that it can get better and show the 700,000 dyslexics in this country that you can get up and learn from your mistakes," said HRH Carl Philip. His father, H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf, and sister, Crown Princess Victoria also have dyslexia.