Withdrawals larger than deposits
Swedes aren’t saving as much as they used to. For the first time in four years, households reduced their bank savings. During the first quarter of the year, more withdrawals were done than deposits, which is unusual. That may have to do with a brighter outlook on the economy and a pent-up consumer demand. However, there has been an increase in savings in insurance and mutual funds, with the exception of equity funds. Investors also continued selling more shares than they purchased.

Male-dominated municipal companies
More than half of Sweden’s municipalities do not have a single female CEO in their companies, according to a briefing the media analysis company Retriever made for daily Dagens Industri. Less than 300 of the more than 1,600 surveyed companies had female CEOs.

Illegal drugs
Vast amounts of illegal drugs enter Sweden. During the past week, an unusual amount of them was caught in the customs’ net, when Interpol was conducting their annual operation against illegal medical drugs. The increase has to do with, among other factors, that controls were performed at different places. The number of illegal drugs seized in 2013 were 15,000, as compared to this past week 64,000.