Whitefeather learns from Sweden
The Pikangikum First Nation, a community of Native Americans in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, wants to learn forestry from Sweden — Jämtland to be precise. The ancestral lands under the care of the people of Pikangikum includes the Whitefeather Forest, a rich, boreal ecosystem, according to Swedish Radio Jämtland. "They sent me an email, asking if I knew anyone in the sawmill industry,” says Lisa Fröbel in Östersund, who helps companies in Europe find strategies and help with financing. For more information: http://whitefeatherforest.ca

Stronger faith in Swedish export
The Swedish export will grow 4 percent in 2014, and 5 percent in 2015, according to Business Sweden in their latest market overview of the international economy.

Nothing like a Swedish cucumber
These days you can find all kinds of exotic vegetables in Sweden, such as mamey sapote and Chinese broccoli. Still, most grocery-shopping Swedes tend to pick up Swedish cucumbers in the veggie section. Last year the Swedish cucumber production set a new record with 38,500 tons, according to Jordbruksverket (the Swedish Board of Agriculture).

Lukewarm interest in EU election
One hundred and sixty-four of Sweden’s 4,000 schools have registered interest in arranging school elections before the European Union elections on May 25 in Sweden. It was different before the last parliamentary election, when 1,500 schools arranged elections.