First strawberries
First Swedish strawberries, that is. There was a promise there would be Swedish strawberries available in time for Easter, and sure enough here they are! To the tune of 175 SEK ($26) the first little square paper box of Swedish gold was sold last week. The berries came from a greenhouse north of Helsingborg.

Last year, 50,600 people from Sweden emigrated. Meanwhile, the number of immigrants in Sweden was higher than ever before with closer to 115,800 people.

Goodies for Easter
Swedish stores are stocking up on eggs, herring, ”påskmust” and other essentials for the Easter week, and Svensk Handel predicts Swedes will spend billions on food for Easter. Easter counts as a real ”food” holiday, and after Christmas and Midsummer, it is one of the year’s most intense weeks for food retailers. This year’s forecast for Easter lies at little over 7 billion SEK ($1 billion), around 20% more than during a ”normal” week, which trades about 5.8 billion ($8.8 million). The prognosis could’ve been higher, but this year Easter falls shortly before most workers receive their salaries.