Royal advice on raising children
The Swedish king, Carl XIV Gustaf, gave advice on child rearing during an interview with Latvian TV. The king, who has three children and two grandchildren, stressed the importance of being present as a parent. ”Nowadays, with the new society, both parents work and there isn’t always someone around to care for their children. That, I believe, is one of the dangers for the future,” he said to Latvian TV, according to daily Expressen. The king also added that it’s important to take time to listen to children, which is not always easy. ”We probably didn’t have as much time as we would have liked with our children, but luckily they turned out fairly well anyway,” he said.

People from Norrland: Beautiful the way they are
'You're amazing just the way you are,' sings Bruno Mars. And the folks in Swedish Norrland already know they are. Of all Swedes, they are the least likely to schedule cosmetic surgery. This according to a national study conducted by the polling institute Yougov, which asked 2,004 Swedes about their interest in plastic surgeries. The study also shows that Swedes in the south are more interested in cosmetics and plastic surgery to get more attention than the Swedes in the north. Jesper Bergdahl, a plastic surgeon at Akademikliniken, believes it has nothing to do with vanity, though; he thinks the geographical differences are due to the access to clinics.

Refugees in Sweden
Sweden will open its door this year, just like in 2013, for 1,900 quota refugees. Ever since the 1950s, Sweden cooperates with the UN when it comes to these quota refugees, who are considered particularly vulnerable. In 2012, the USA, Australia and Canada received the most quota refugees.