What a Swedish CEO really makes
A Swedish CEO earned an average of SEK 41,000 (USD 6,400) per month last year, according to Ledarna, an employee organization for managers, CEOs and leaders on the Swedish job market. According to an investigation by Novus, most Swedes believe directors and leaders make much more though, averaging SEK 60,000 ($9,400). We haven't found comparable data from the U.S. which publicizes Fortune 500 company CEOs and/or the largest corporations - clearly few come near for instance the top-earning Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's with 96.1 million in 2012. The average annual CEO salary in Sweden, $76,800, is about double the average worker's salary in the U.S., $34,645 in 2012.

Chinese stole Social Democrat's rose
A Chinese tea house chain has stolen the Swedish Social Democrat Party's symbol, the red rose. The chain, which is called 8090, can be found on some 2,000 locations around the country, use the party symbol as their logo. Take a look for yourself: http://8090ing.com/

Swedish farmers have a rough time
Swedish farmers continue to have a rough time with a heavy workload and poor profitability. However, compared to last year, the profitability has improved somewhat, according to Swedbank and LRF Konsult.