Zlatan eighth richest
Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the eighth richest soccer player in the world, with a fortune of over 648 million SEK ($101 million). The richest soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal with close to 1.4 billion SEK ($219 million). It is the soccer site goal.com that has put together the list with the world’s richest players. The top ten looks like this: 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Lionel Messi 3. Samuel Eto’o 4. Wayne Rooney 5. Kaka 6. Neymar 7. Ronahldinho 8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 9. Gianluigi Buffon, and 10. Thierry Henry. For more information: www.goal.com

Anna and Lars most common names
The most common Swedish names are still Anna and Lars. Anna tops the list for as long back as statistics show, and Lars has been on top since 2001. If you factor in middle names, however, both Anna and Lars slip to third place, and Maria and Karl take the first spot, according to Statistics Sweden. Ulla, Inger, Sven and Hans left the top ten list during the past 15 years, while Emma, Sara, Peter and Thomas have entered it. Among surnames, Andersson is the most common, followed by Johansson. Two new surnames entered the top 100 list last year: Ali and Mohamed in 81st and 83rd place respectively.

Passports on the loose
Over 60,000 Swedish passports were reported lost or stolen last year, according to Rikskriminalpolisen (the National Bureau of Investigation). A number that can be compared with that of 46,000 in 2008. Swedish passports have been identified as the most common in Europe among stolen passports in connection with the smuggling of migrants. The reason may have to do with the liberal Swedish legislation regarding lost passports, as you can always get a new one, even after losing it 20 times. The passports are sold to people who look like the person on the passport photo, so there’s no falsifications. To curb the abuse, the National Bureau of Investigation has proposed that the fee for getting a new passport be raised from 350 SEK ($55) to 980 SEK ($154).

The world's most expensive stamp
The world’s most expensive stamp, the yellow three shilling banco (or 'Gul tre skilling banco' in original Swedish) is after several years abroad, back in Swedish hands. According to Dagens Industri, the precious stamp was bought by financier Gustaf Douglas for an unknown sum last year. The latest price information comes from 1998, when the stamp was sold for 15 million SEK ($2.3 million) in Copenhagen. For Nordstjernan’s previous stories on the world’s most expensive stamp: http://www.nordstjernan.com/news/sweden/5618/ http://www.nordstjernan.com/news/nordic/2310/