Member record for SDU
The Sweden Democrats’ youth section, SDU or Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom, is hitting a membership record with 3,504 members. They increased their number by nearly 200 during last year, according to a press release.

Rosa Taikon received Palme Award
Rosa Taikon, the silver smith and social critic, has been awarded the 2013 Olof Palme Prize for her ”lifelong struggle for human rights.” The Olof Palme Memorial Fund says that Taikon "personifies five decades of struggle for the Roma culture and civil rights” and that through her artistry she has enriched society. The Olof Palme Prize is an annual prize awarded for an outstanding achievement in the spirit of Olof Palme. Established in 1987, the prize offers a diploma and $75,000. It is awarded by the Olof Palme Memorial Fund, established by Palme’s family and the Swedish Social Democratic Party in honor of his memory.

No Norway for Carl XVI Gustaf
Norwegians celebrate their Constitution Day on May 17 every year, and 2014 marks 200 years since the Constitution of Norway was signed at Eidsvoll in 1814, declaring the country an independent nation in an attempt to avoid being ceded to Sweden after Denmark-Norway’s devastating defeat in the Napoleonic wars. The Danish as well as the Swedish royals are invited to this year’s celebrations, and though Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark are coming, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia have decided not to, something that has caused attention in Norway.