No Nobel for Åkesson
Leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, won’t be invited to the Nobel celebration this year. For the fourth year in a row, the leader of the controversial political party has to stay home, according to daily Svenska Dagbladet. ”It was found that the passage in Alfred Nobel’s testament to not focus on what nation a person belongs to, set a tone and made it possible to make a reasonable decision, thus there’s no change in the 2010 decision to not invite Åkesson,” says Annika Pontikis from the Nobel Foundation.

Anders—common on boards
You might have read in Nordstjernan that Lars is the most common name for dads (, but do you know a man named Anders, born between 1949 and 1962? Did he study at Handelshögskolan (Stockholm School of Economics)? Then chances are your friend Anders is also on a company board. Half of all board directors in Sweden are born between those years, and Anders is the most common name; 27 percent of them have studied at Handelshögskolan.

Best in ethics
Ericsson and H&M are the two Swedish companies that rank highest for ethics issues, according to a Folksam list. The Swedish public companies were ranked based on their environmental work and human rights.