Praying for Sweden
The local Pentecostal church in Vetlanda is praying for both the municipality of Vetlanda itself as well as for the rest of the country. Every Tuesday the church members gather in the town square to pray. ”We cannot show that anything concrete has happened (since the praying began),” says Pastor Görgen Helleman, the man behind the praying, ”but we hope something will prove it over time.” The Tuesday prayers were triggered by a series of articles in the local newspaper about the increased number of suicides in Vetlanda, according to Radio P4 Jönköping.

Immigrants behind job increase
The number of working people in Sweden is expected to increase by half a million in a little over 20 years, according to a prognosis from Statistics Sweden. And according to TT, foreign-born Swedes will account for 80 percent of the increase. In Statistics Sweden’s main scenario, 4.9 million people will be gainfully employed in the year 2035. This increase among those born abroad is explained partly by their increasing population, and partly because a higher number of those born outside Sweden will be working compared to today. Sweden’s population is expected to increase by 1.4 million people by 2035, with a majority of them over the age of 65. This will have major implications of the future of support, according to Statistics Sweden.