Did Bildt leak secret info to the U.S.?
According to a Wikileaks document, Carl Bildt gave the U.S. secret information about what was being debated in closed government deliberations in the 1970s, information that was passed on to the CIA, according to daily Aftonbladet. The supposed meeting took place at Riksdagshuset in Stockholm shortly after the Swedish election in 1976, when representatives for the Center, Moderate and Liberate People’s Parties were deliberating behind closed doors. Aftonbladet reports that the U.S. ambassador wrote a secret report to the Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger about these deliberations, the same day as Thorbjörn Fälldin (then leader of the Center Party) refused to comment about the meeting to media. The ambassador refers to a meeting with the then 27-year-old Bildt, who at the time was the assistant of the Moderate Party leader Gösta Bohman. Diplomatic reports, leaked by Wikileaks, describes how Carl Bildt against a promise of anonymity, explained what the three part coalition was to look like, and the parties’ views on nuclear power. When Aftonbladet confronted Carl Bildt about these allegations recently, he said the information he passed on had been published in newspapers at the same time. But according to Aftonbladet, nothing was ever written about the result of these negotiations.

Göteborg parking inspectors sent to charm school
Expect Göteborg parking inspectors to be really charming, because they’ve been sent to charm school. The goal? For Göteborg to have the nicest parking inspectors in Sweden. In a joint venture by Innerstaden Göteborg (Inner City Göteborg) and Securitas, it is meant that car drivers in Göteborg will meet the parking inspectors with the most charm, and also inspectors who can help them park their cars correctly. Another goal is to make the inner city of Göteborg safer, more attractive and accessible to all who live in, work in, or visit Sweden’s second city.

Swedish children’s film best in 2013
Stephan Apelgren’s film “Eskil & Trinidad” was chosen as best European children’s movie at Buff, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö March 11-16. The film centers on 11-year-old Eskil who lives with his father Roger in upper Norrland. Some of the cast includes actors Torkel Petterson, Linus Oscarsson and Ann Petrén. “I’m extremely proud, happy and moved that ‘Eskil and Trinidad’ won the prize for this year’s best European film. When we developed the movie, we wanted to show that Sweden still can tell timeless movie tales for all ages. Something Sweden used to be famous for,” said Peter Possne, the film’s producer in a press release. For more info, see www.buff.se