Swedish bishop happy with new pope
In his first comment on the choice of the new pope (Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina or Pope Francis I), Sweden’s Catholic bishop Anders Arborelius says he was a bit surprised. Pope Francis I picked his name after Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), also known as God’s little pauper and Italy’s patron saint. This is something Arborelius views as positive: “I was surprised at first,” Arborelius said. “But now I am happy to know we have a pope walking in the footsteps of St. Francis. Our new pope has great love for the poor and is a good-natured and paternal person.” That he is considered conservative—is against abortions and same-sex marriages—does not surprise Arborelius. “Most bishops are conservative in these issues; there’s a two thousand year old legacy to uphold.” He foresees great challenges for the new leader in the Vatican: “The greatest challenge is to unite the church and to get us, in our part of the world, to realize how important a role the church is for us.”

Doctors neglect to report weapons
Swedish doctors have for the past 30 years been obliged to report unsuitable weapon owners to police. Yet they do so rarely, according to the government which has commissioned Rikspolisstyrelsen and Socialstyrelsen (the National Police and the National Board of Health and Welfare) to investigate why this obligation from the doctors is being neglected. “We cannot have unsuitable people continue to be a threat,” says Beatrice Ask, Minister for Justice. Unsuitable here means people suffering from dementia, psychological diseases, serious vision problems or substance abuse.

Three new Swedish Michelin Guide restaurants
There are three new Swedish restaurants to be found in this year’s Michelin Guide. Two of them are restaurants in Stockholm (Ekstedt and Gastrologik), the third is found in Göteborg (Sjömagasinet), writes Michelin Nordic in a press release. The three restaurants get their stars in the new Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe, which also features two Rising Star restaurants: Operakällaren in Stockholm and Bhoga in Göteborg. Both Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen and Frantzén/Lindeberg continue to receive two stars in the guide. “Whether you look for a first-class restaurant or a cozy neighborhood joint, the anonymous inspectors at Michelin have done a great selection of what the best Stockholm and Göteborg restaurants have to offer,” says Carl Stenson, director of information for Michelin North. For more information: www.ekstedt.nu www.gastrologik.se www.sjomagasinet.se