Cheapest pizza
Meatballs aside, pizza is as popular in Sweden as it is elsewhere. And the cheapest pizza can be found in Stockholm. “The difference in price is almost 20 SEK ($3.17) from the cheapest city,” says Anders Signell at Onlinepizza. Despite of the lowered value added tax (VAT), pizza restaurants have not lowered their prices. On the contrary. Since 2011, most pizza joints have raised their prices, according to the 2012 pizza report, presented by Onlinepizza. Signell, managing director at Onlinepizza says, “Just by looking at Stockholm and Malmö, we see a difference of almost 20 SEK.” Signell believes these differences have to do mainly with the higher price levels at competitive pizza joints, and the number of restaurants in general. “Then even pizza joints can raise their prices,” he says. He adds that the reason the prices haven’t decreased, in spite of the reduced VAT, has to do with the pizza owners and managers who’d rather spend the money on hiring more staff and work on their service. And he thinks that although pizza prices have gone up, pizza is still a value meal. “If you look at restaurant meals in general, you can still eat pizza at a price that’s more or less lower than the daily lunch, for instance. Pizza is a real cheap meal.”

Ragdoll most popular
Some time ago, Nordstjernan reported that the most popular dog breed in Sweden is the German Shepherd ( Cat lovers might then want to know what sort of cat tops the list and captures most Swedish hearts. The answer is the Ragdoll, a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat, best known for its docile temperament and affectionate nature. Last year Kattförbundet Sverak (an association for cat owners) registered nearly two thousand Ragdoll cats. Second and third on the list are the Norwegian Forest Cat and Birman.