Zlatan’s book – a continuous bestseller
He’s a star – and not only on the soccer field. Zlatan Ibrahimović’s biography “Jag är Zlatan Ibrahimović” has been on the market barely a month, yet it has exceeded all expectations when it comes to sales. According to the publishing company it has sold 440 000 copies. And the critics are happy, too. Wrote Lasse Anrell for Aftonbladet: “The book about Zlatan is a Swedish classic in the making, it will transform Sweden… It is that good. It is so damn good… A childhood account that’s masterful.” And Gunnar Bolin at Kulturnytt: “This is probably the best contemporary working class depiction from one of our big city’s suburbs that I have ever read.”

Eat fish, avoid asthma
Children who eat fish before they are 9 months old, have a 50 percent less risk of getting asthma during childhood, according to a study of 4000 kindergarten children in Västra Götaland. Dr. Emma Goksör, of Drottning Silvias barn-and ungdomssjukhus in Göteborg, and her colleagues looked at the occurrence of asthma in children and noticed that the children who had been given fish when very young, ran a much lesser risk in developing asthma before the age of 4.5 years. “Our results clearly show that consuming fish has a protective effect against asthma problems,” Goksör said.

Coffee grounds as fertilizer
More than 4000 cups of coffee are downed daily at the Ryhov hospital in Jönköping, it’s time to utilize all the coffee grounds. From now on, it will be sent to Jönköping Energi’s biogas collection to be transformed into a biological fertilizer, which in turn will replace artificial fertilizers. “This was one of our environmental goals this year,” says Eva-Lena Eliasson, director of productions at the hospital’s central kitchen in an interview on SVT’s Jönköpingsnytt.

New Year’s in Thailand
Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia do like many other Swedes, they escape the dark, dreary Swedish winter and head to Thailand instead. The royal couple will board the plane on December 28 and will return on January 9, for a vacation in one of their favorite countries. Meanwhile, Crown Princess Victoria takes over as head-of-state, something she’s done several times before. The last time the Swedish king and queen took time off was last summer.

11-year-old Thea saved Eric
Here’s one young hero: 11-year-old Thea, who saved her 10-year old friend Eric from falling into a bottomless pond. “I didn’t think, I just did,” Thea explains. The two friends from Trönninge outside Varberg, were out playing when the accident occurred. Out in the field there was a marlpit. “There was a stick out there on the ice, and Eric went to pick it up,” Thea remembers. The ice seemed thick, but soon it gave in and Eric disappeared under the water. “He tried to get up by himself but kept cutting himself on the sharp ice,” says Thea, who immediately realized she had to help her friend. “First I walked, then I crawled, and then I slithered until I was at the edge.” She got hold of her friend’s arms and pulled him up. “I had to keep pulling him away from the ice before he dared stand up. He was afraid the ice was going to break again.” Thanks to Thea’s quick thinking and acting, rescue service wasn't needed. Thea and Eric simply went home to his house, changed to dry clothes and played a TV-game. Thea, who loves nature shows, says it was thanks to them that she knew how to save her friend. “We’re lucky it was Thea who was with Eric,” says Eric’s mother Eva Ternström. “She is brave and not at all afraid.”