Men have fatter wallets
According to the Swedish budget’s equality supplement, men have more in their wallets than women since the coalition government entrance in 2006. Men have increased their available income with 7.1% during the years 2006-2011, while women have increased theirs with 6.8%. But in the long run, women are expected to work more, the differences to even out and the income to increase for both to around 7.9% according to the Department of Finance’s prognosis.

Late mail
This week, Swedes can expect mail to be delayed. Over 13 000 postmen are going to take breaks as needed, and as stated in their contracts, and also will not use their bicycles on the sidewalks. This is expected to lead to delayed mail. A survey shows, that 7 out of 10 Posten (the Swedish postal service) employees feel stressed and 8 of 10 say they have physical problems because of their work. Over 50% of them say they don’t think they will be able to continue work until retirement. Says Claes Söderling, responsible for the campaign at Seko: “The organization is slimmed down every year, and the personnel feels powerless in doing anything to change their situation.”

Per Unckel dies
Former Swedish Moderate Party politician Per Unckel has died. Unckel became secretary general of the Moderate Party in 1986, a post he stayed on until 1991, when the Moderate Party won the election and Carl Bildt became Prime Minister of Sweden. Unckel was then appointed Minister of Education. He was later appointed leader of the Moderate Party parliamentary group. The 2002 election was a disaster for the Moderate Party and several senior figures had to resign, Unckel was one of them. He was seen as part of the old regime, the so-called “Bunker” around Carl Bildt. His old Moderate Youth League district, however, paid their respects by electing him honorary chairman. In 2003, he was appointed secretary-general of the Nordic Council of Ministers and retired from Swedish politics. He served until December 2006. He later served as the Chairman of the Governing Board of the European Humanities University. Per Unckel was 63 years old, he died of cancer.