57 Stasi Swedes mapped in book
Over 20 years ago after the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of DDR or East Germany, some 57 Swedes involved with the East German spy organ Stasi are mapped out in a new book. Professor of German at Södertörn University, Birgitta Almgren, has authored the book. Almgren began her research only last year, as it was then that Säpo (the Swedish Security Service) was forced to open its archives about Swedes aiding Stasi. Almgren tells about the “coldhearted Social Democratic journalist” who “without batting an eye” betrayed party friends, and the companies who in exchange for profitable contracts, gave out information. Almgren is forbidden to give out any names, but she wishes to get in touch with these people to hear their perspective: “If you are one of the people I’m writing about, then you surely have something to say about what I’ve written. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood something?” Almgren writes that Sweden became a main country for DDR during the cold war as a bridge between East and West. “No other Nordic country has as many Stasi reports as Sweden. Just as during World War II, Stockholm became a meeting place for representatives from both power blocks.” Stasi (the Ministry for State Security) was the official state security service of East Germany.

Title: "Inte bara spioner"
By Birgitta Almgren Published by Carlsson Förlag ISBN10: 9173314307; ISBN13: 9789173314305 Available through the publisher, Carlsson Bokförlag and Bokus or Adlibris

Ola Rapace in new Bond film?
Ola Rapace, the ex-husband of Noomi Rapace, has landed a role in a big international film. According to sources, the film is the next James Bond film. The 39-year old star had to defect from “Stjärnornas hoppning” in the Stockholm International Horse Show because he “has a new project which will claim all his time and focus”, according to the competition’s website. “It’s really too bad I can’t participate this year, but I will continue riding and try to keep up what I have learnt,” Rapace says. Director of “Stjärnornas hoppning”, Ulf Rosengren, says he’s sad to see Rapace leave but that “he’s nabbed a huge film part, and we are very understanding. We wish him all the luck.” Aleksandra Mandic at the agency that represents Ola Rapace has no comment.

Alliance says “yes” to alcohol
People living at old peoples’ homes have the right to a glass of wine with their food or a schnapps to their herring. The alliance agrees on that. The law, thus, will be changed so that it will be allowed to serve alcohol there without special permissions. “If one during a whole life has had a glass of wine for Sunday dinner, one should be allowed to have it when living at the old peoples' home as well,” said Kenneth Johansson Parliament Member (of the 'Riksdag') for the Center Party to Svenska Dagbladet.