Prince Carl Philip's idol
She's fast and she's pretty, small wonder Prince Carl Philip likes her so. Danica Patrick, the American auto racing star from Wisconsin. Patrick’s annual salary is about 96 million SEK (over $14 million), so throw “rich” into the mix also. She has yet to visit Sweden, but when she does, we bet Carl Philip will be there to greet her. We should add that Danica is married.

Lars Ohly resigns
At a press conference Left Party leader Lars Ohly said he plans to resign as party leader, but keep his seat in the parliament. He noted the bad election the Left Party had in 2010 and that numbers haven’t gone up much since. “Several candidates have shown an interest and they are all good, which makes it easier for me to give this message to the election committee,” he said. The next leader will be elected at the Left Party’s next congress, which will take place in January 5-8 next year. The Party’s election committee will propose a candidate at the end of November this year. Ohly, who was born in Spånga in 1957, was elected Party Leader in February 2004.

What tourists in Lund want
Where's the moose? No, that's not what most tourists to the academic town on Lund in southern Sweden want to know. Most tourists want to know what the city has to offer by means of attractions, where the nearest restroom is and if they may please have a city map. “You might wonder why we here in Lund sell Dala horses and moose,” says Jenny Larsson, Manager at Lund Tourist Office. “But we have to. That’s what many foreign tourists want. Swedes who visit Lund want something specific from Lund, and we can offer a little ceramic version of the cathedral or a tray and towels with some special Lund-pattern.” But for the tourist who has never before been to the city that was founded around 990 and once belonged to Denmark? What does one offer? “We have a brochure that includes a city walk that covers most of the things we feel are important, beginning with the Cathedral…” There are no moose in Lund, but if you are dying to see one you can visit Skånes djurpark, close to Höör. www.

Wrong car to the junkyard
A man in Ludvika, who had been out picking berries, couldn't find his car and thought it might have been stolen. But in reality, the car had been taken to the junkyard – wrongly. The municipality had ordered a vehicle in the same area to be picked up and collected – an abandoned car. The collector simply took the wrong car. During the transport, the car was badly damaged. The municipality refuses to take the blame and describes the event as “embarrassing”.