Most tanned and most burned
Four out of ten Swedes have had some kind of melanoma (a malignant tumor), yet they continue to sunbathe in spite of the risk of having a relapse of cancer. An international web study where 8000 people were polled; shows that the Swedes are the people who most value a good tan, while at the same time being the ones least likely to use sunscreen and therefore also get burnt the most. Seven out of ten Swedes say they rarely use any sunscreen. Swedes are also not as scared of skin cancer as other people. Even those Swedes who do feel vulnerable, seem to care less about the risks Ė they continue tanning like before. After Australia, Sweden is the country with most cases of melanoma among its population. The number of skin cancer cases have doubled every ten years ever since the 1960ís, most probably because more and more vacation in places with a lot of sun.

Firefighters became midwives
When the water had broken, and the contractions started coming at regular intervals, and the ambulance wasnít coming the three firefighters in Molkom had to act as midwives Ė and did so very well. They delivered a boy, who in honor of the town will be called Malcolm.

Young people feel pressured to drink
Party without alcohol? IQ, a company affiliated with Systembolaget (the government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden), presents a new study which sadly shows that six out of ten young people feel itís difficult to go to a restaurant without drinking, and that one in every five asked for a drink just to avoid being questioned. 57% of non-drinking young Swedes answered that others always, often or sometimes tried to get them to drink. 64% said they felt it was difficult going to a restaurant without drinking. 59% said they stayed away from a certain party or restaurant just because they didnít feel like drinking, and 21% drank an alcoholic drink just to avoid being questioned.