Beware of mosquitoes and ticks
They are the plague of summer: mosquitoes and ticks. Even in Sweden. If Swedes could choose what’s worst, it is definitely the mosquitoes, according to a study done by Sifo (Sifo Research International, a company in the area of opinion and social research). Stockholmers particularly dislike mosquitoes, while Göteborgians fear stinging jellyfish. People in Skåne, however, think motion sickness is the worst of the worst of summer.

Swedish and a man = no good
Simon Wallmark received the message from Södertörn’s Fire Prevention that he, in spite of having the right training, was not qualified for a summer job. The reason? Simon was of wrong gender and ethnicity. The Fire Prevention wanted women and preferably women with a foreign background for their summer jobs. Of the 32 persons finally hired, 10 lacked the relevant training. Stiftelsen Centrum för Rättvisa (Center for Justice) is now demanding 100 000 SEK ($15,600) in damages for discrimination on Simon Wallmark’s behalf.

Whatever happened to Jonas Bergström?
Hard to believe it was just last summer that the young, promising lawyer Jonas Bergström got engaged to Princess Madeleine of Sweden. We wondered what happened to him. Svensk Damtidning reports that Jonas has reasons to be happy: He was just made partner of the prestigious law firm Vinge in Stockholm. When Dagens Industri asked him if his previous relationship with the princess has influenced his work, Jonas said: “Perhaps I have had more pressure on me, but one is always competitive and wants to do one’s best. So, no it hasn’t really influenced my work.” Earlier this year, Svensk Damtidning reported that Jonas Bergström was dating a friend of Princess Madeleine’s Stephanie af Klercker.