Jerry Seinfeld to Globen
One of the greatest comedians of all time, Jerry Seinfeld, is about to visit Sweden (Globen). He says he’s planning on finishing his career where it once began: On the stand-up stage. “It’s a way of life,” he says. Seinfeld is bringing his friend George Wallace with him. “We’ve been friend for 35 years. He’s a tall, black guy from Georgia and very funny. I’m sure the Swedish people have never seen a comedian like him. He’s very different from the typical Swedish personality.” When asked what Seinfeld believes is “the typical Swedish personality”, he says: “Well-mannered, well-organized and blond.” He should know because he’s been to Sweden before (he visited Cirkus in Stockholm in 1998). “The audience was amazing,” he remembers. “Warm and friendly and applauded like no audience ever applauded before.” None of Seinfeld’s big projects after the TV-series “Seinfeld” wrapped (it aired from 1989 to 1998), has really taken off. Perhaps that’s why he’s returning to stand-up comedy? “It (stand-up) is different because it’s a way of life,” he says. “You know, it’s like that thing you’re meant to do, and when you do it, you know it? It is like that for me. But since I’m so successful and loved around the world, I can allow myself to put my fingers in other jars too.” More information:

EHEC infections increase in Sweden
Around ten people in Sweden have fallen seriously ill with HUS (hemolytic ureamic syndrome), which is a complication from EHEC infection (enterohemorrhagic E. coli). “More and more cases come in all of the time, so the number keeps growing. The infection is now spread all over the country. But no one has been infected in Sweden,” says Sofie Ivarsson, epidemiologist at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control. The outbreak started in Germany and there the number of patients with HUS has risen to 276, with two deaths.

Rainbow colors in Göteborg
The upcoming LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Gay, Queer) festival in Göteborg, has already brought an array of rainbow flags. This year marks the fifth annual festival, which will be held between June 1 to June 5, and the 2011 edition promises to be larger than ever with over 400 program points. The organizers are hoping for more than 100,000 visitors. In part the festival has already kicked-off. As of this week, rainbow flags have been scattered throughout the city displayed on flagpoles as well as on Västtrafik's buses and trams. Bältespannarsparken or "the Rainbow park" as it will be known during the festival period will be the festival's hub. Like last year, there will be loads of entertainment, exhibitions, seminars and discussions at various locations throughout the city. For more information: