More die of skin cancer
The number of deaths in skin cancer is increasing every year in Sweden, and doctors now see an alarming trend. “We see more people dying of malign melanoma than in traffic accidents,” says Medical Doctor John Paoli at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Deaths in skin cancer have increased 4% every year during the last decade. “We won’t have enough resources if this trend continues,” Paoli says. At the same time, a new kind of service is being launched: Patients can photograph suspicious skin growths and mail to a doctor, with a guaranteed answer within 24 hours. It’s a service developed by Alexander Börve, also a physician. But Börve points out it is not a diagnostic, but informative service; the patient receives help to decide whether or not to go to a doctor.

Swedish Salvation Army doesn’t like homosexuals
During an investigation, the Swedish TV-program “Kalla fakta” revealed that the Swedish Salvation Army believes homosexuality to be a sin. The Salvation Army is Sweden’s second largest collective organization among churches, and is active at 170 places around the country. They describe themselves as an organization where everybody is welcome, regardless of religious belonging, ethnicity, gender or sexual preferences. But according to “Kalla Fakta” the reality is quite different. Says a local Salvation Army leader: “Our position is that homosexuality is a sin. That’s what it says in our ethical documents.” Homosexuals are welcome to join the Swedish Salvation Army as members, but they are not allowed to become soldiers. When the reporter from “Kalla Fakta” meets another Salvation Army leader, he intentionally presents himself as gay, whereupon the leader offers to pray for him that he be “free” of his sexual preference. Marie Willermark is the top Salvation Army leader in Sweden and she says: “We have nothing against homosexuals. They come to our collections and to our services. We don’t discriminate against them at all.”

Rats in Svedala
The rats are so loud when they move about in the raftered ceilings it’s impossible to hear the sound from the TV! The residents in Svedala, are getting some serious competition from rodents. The landlord of some idyllic row houses has been voted the worst in Sweden; there are complaints about everything from leaking ceilings to non-existent snow clearing. But worst of all are the rats, says one person who lives there. The rats make their living under the beams and the sound of them running around and gnawing drive the tenants insane. Malin Pålsson, a tenant with young children, also has rats under her sink: “They are so unafraid of me now, that they just sit there and look at me when I open the cupboard door,” she says. She has to put her garbage on a chair in the kitchen, or the rats tear the plastic bag to pieces. The realty company Minnesberg AB, owner of the row houses, has been penalized several times by the rent tribunal for water leaks, cold heaters, vermin, flaking wallpaper and too high rents.