The Cardigans v/s The Hives
The two famous Swedish rock bands may end up in court. The Cardigans (most famous song: “Lovefool”) is planning on suing The Hives (most famous song: “Hate to Say I Told You So”) for 18.5 million SEK ($2.9 million). According to a press release, The Cardigans claims that they unintentionally lent The Hives money ($6.6 million). Some money has been paid back, but not the entire sum, which is the cause of the legal measures. The Hives’ legal representative Monica Crusner says that the claim does is insubstantial and that her client is not in debt.

Decrease in number of murders
There’s a decrease in the number of murders committed in Sweden, more specifically the number has gone down with 25% the last 20 years. Something that puzzles researchers. “It does surprise me that violence is decreasing and that the decrease continues,” says Sven Granath, criminologist at Brå (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention). “Especially since partying out has exploded.” Granath was also surprised to find that 40% of all deadly violence happens within the family or in a partner relationship. “It’s also surprising to see that 80% of the murder cases are actually solved,” he says. The murders decreasing are primarily the alcohol-related ones, according to the report by Brå, which looks at deadly violence in Sweden for the past 20 years. On the other hand, the number of murders connected to criminal conflicts has increased. It was at the beginning of the 1990’s that Sweden experienced a peak in deadly crime, that increase has not only stopped it has turned into a decrease.