Most expensive Easter food
Food prices vary much more than you would expect in Sweden and not just between cities but between boroughs as well. Food is more expensive in for instance traditionally posh Östermalm than in the rest of Stockholm. “Prices there are about 10% higher than prices on Södermalm,” says Erik Hagman at, a company that has checked Easter food prices at different stores. “We always compare the products that people buy most of, but we make different choices every time,” he continues. The most expensive store of all is Sabis Fältöversten on Östermalm, the cheapest is Hemköp Mariahallen. Pears and mineral water vary mostly in price between stores, and the differences are as great as 101%. “It’s amazing that the price on water vary so much. It’s more difficult to look at prices on fruit and vegetables, they differ so much from day to day. The study also shows that the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest store is 15%. “If we had looked at all of Stockholm, we would have found even greater differences,” says Hagman “The stores outside the city are much cheaper.”

Silvia fell for Chris
In spite of her bad fall, when Silvia visited New York she had her share of pleasantries too. Such as the meeting with Princess Madeleine’s new American boyfriend Chris O’Neill. The queen met him during a dinner at her friend Lena Kaplan’s apartment on Fifth Avenue. It was important to Silvia that this meeting was kept as private as possible, so Madeleine and Chris first got together at the Carlyle Hotel from where they were driven to the apartment where Silvia was waiting. According to sources of several Swedish media it was a successful presentation, Silvia fell for the charming Chris. Meanwhile, many of us are wondering exactly what it is Madeleine is doing in New York City. It seems she is doing a lot of shopping and drinking colorful cocktails at luxurious hang-outs and meeting with her boyfriend of course. But who pays for it all? According to Svensk Damtidning, Princess Madeleine is working at Childhood Foundation, but how much is not clear. Information Officer Bertil Ternert says: “We don’t have an account for her daily schedule. She works weekends and travels a lot.” Madeleine’s particular area of interest is China, but she is also responsible for some New York-based projects. Childhood Foundation confirms that the princess is working without salary.

Fewer want to teach
Teaching is getting less and less popular in Sweden. Applications to Sweden’s institutes of education went down with 14% last year. At the Mid Sweden University, only one person applied to study to become a teacher, but the greatest decrease can be seen at the colleges in Gotland, Jönköping, Skövde and Södertörn.