Powernap your way to the top
Bill Clinton does it. As does Lance Armstrong. And former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson. Take power naps during the day to keep in shape that is. And now sleep researcher and professor Torbjörn Åkerstedt at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm confirms that taking a nap makes you function better. “You get much more intelligent after a power nap,” he says. What happens is you recharge the batteries in your brain when you take a quick nap, you feel fresher and faster afterwards. “You can easily replace two hours of sleep reduction with a 20 minute nap,” explains Åkerstedt. “Because the sleep towards the end of the night is of very low quality.” How to take the best nap? The most effective time to take a power nap is right after lunch, if you take it later you risk falling asleep deeper. It’s also best if you can find a dark room with a bed, which might not be the easiest thing for somebody working at an office. Also make sure you’re warm, since our body temperatures always drop when we sleep. “Even if you normally are having a hard time falling asleep, most people we tested manage to fall asleep a little bit. If you’re in a dark room and relax, you will eventually doze off,” says Åkerstedt. And if you have no access to a dark room with a bed? Taking a short power nap (two to five minutes) at your desk will also do the trick. But don’t sleep more than an hour. “If you wake up with the help of an alarm clock after an hour, you’ve probably been deep asleep and that makes you feel sluggish,” says Åkerstedt.

Sweden´s contribution to Eurovision: "Popular"
20-year old Eric Saade from Helsingborg is going to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. Saade won a with the song “Popular” after a dramatic phone vote in the Swedish final. On second place came Danny with the song “In the Club” and on third place The Moniker with the song “Oh my God”. The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany on May 14. Eric Saade's performance: Eric Saade performs 'Popular'

Man arrested in Scotland over Stockholm bombing
A 30-year-old foreign national was arrested last week by counterterrorism police in Scotland in connection with the Stockholm suicide bombing on the 11th of December last year. Strathclyde Police said the man was detained on terror-related offenses. "The operation centers on a previous incident in Sweden. It was intelligence-led and relates to allegations that this individual has been involved in aiding terrorist activities outside Scotland. There is no evidence to suggest that there is a direct threat to Scotland posed by this person," authorities said. The suicide bomber, 28-year-old Taimour Abdulwahab al Abdaly - an Iraqi-born Swede who studied at the University of Bedfordshire, in southern England - blew himself up and injured two people in the botched attack in central Stockholm last year.

With rooster and horse on the menu
Here you can have the rooster in four different ways: roasted club, grilled thigh, poached breast, and crispy skin. If rooster is not your thing – at least not when served on a plate - then perhaps a rabbit will do? Or how about a horse? At Oljebaren on Torsgatan in Stockholm, they serve meats of animals rarely seen on Swedish tables. Oljebaren, a rustic bistro and boutique in Vasastan, where grilled horsemeat is served with sauce béarnaise and French fries for 219 SEK ($34). Is it worth a try? We leave that up to you. www.oljebaren.se