Sweden second place in climate ranking
Sweden remains on second place among the countries of the world in the climate ranking by the organization German Watch. The top spot is once again held by Brazil, which pushed down Sweden a notch last year. Sweden's position is weighted down by the government's climate policy action in recent years, among else in the EU and by stating that there will not be any carbon tax increase.

The usage of drugs among medical students
According to a poll done by Sveriges Radio’s program Upplandsnytt, one out of every six medical students at Uppsala University in Sweden use or have used drugs. Says Lucas, one of the students: “I lit candles and smoked marijuana in the bath to help relax after the week.” Lucas, and that’s not his real name, also says that he and his friends experiment with hallucinogenic mushrooms, and grow their own grass. “In all honesty, I can’t understand the difference,” says Lucas. “I think it’s very inconsistent that tobacco and alcohol are both legal in Sweden but not marijuana.” One of ten who participated in the poll, say that they’ve used heavier drugs such as cocaine and amphetamine. The poll made Sveriges Läkarförbund (The Swedish Medical Association) react. Says its chairman Eva Nilsson-Bågenholm: “I think it’s alarming, because medical students ought to be aware of the risks. And in the long run they also should set a good example to those they meet in their profession as doctors.”

Sweden – the northernmost whisky producer in the world
The most northern located whisky producer in the world will soon start up in Arvidsjaur in the very north of Sweden. Lappland destilleri AB are calculating to produce 20 000 liters (5.2 US gallons) whiskey per year. “Our whisky will be characterized by the nature and climate of Lappland,” says director Gerry Axtelius, and explains that the grains will be put to rise in big plates of pine. “We’ll produce single malt, both smoked and un-smoked in different types of maturation.” A book about whisky tasting will be produced to increase the proceeds.

Swedish pupils are falling behind
The reading comprehension and math skills of Swedish 15-year-olds have deteriorated, according to the latest so-called PISA study, a global ranking, which was recently published. Swedish pupils have previously been better than the international average in reading comprehension. Now the result is on an average level. When it comes to natural science Swedish pupils perform below average. In addition, the Swedish school system has become less equal, according to the National Agency for Education's presentation of this OECD study. The province of Shanghai, China, participated for the first time and scored higher in reading than any other country, it also topped the table in math and science. Our neighbors in Finland came in second and Korea third, in the survey of reading literacy among 15-year olds, which for the first time tested students’ ability to manage digital information. Finland was also ranked as having the most equitable education system across all regions of the country.

Carl Bildt: “I’m no poodle.”
In a report from the American embassy, which is being published by Wikileaks, Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt has been called a mid-sized dog with a big dog’s attitude. Bildt’s own reaction is this: “Well, I’m no poodle.” When asked to explain what kind of dog he might be, Bildt said: “Go ask those with greater zoological expertise.” The current American ambassador, Matthew Barzun, warned his Washington colleagues to be well-read and clearly state their views when meeting Bildt who can otherwise “easily dominate a conversation, spiked with comments of dry humor”. The report also states that Bildt is given a great deal of freedom to do as he wants where Swedish foreign policy is concerned, and that he isn’t particularly close to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.