Swedish moms – still doing the cooking
Younger Swedish moms want to stay home more with their children, and believe they could be housewives if only they had the possibility, shows a new study by Familjeliv (http://www.familjeliv.se/), where 9,000 mothers were interviewed. Even in Sweden, where equality between men and women is well-known, mothers do more than fathers when it comes to children, the home, and the economy. The 9,000 women answered some 100 questions in the study.

More people move to Sweden for love
The number of people moving to Sweden as a result of having found a partner, is increasing. Four years ago, 17,322 persons received a residence permit as a result of "newly established relationship". Last year the number was 22,534. This is an increase with 30 %. Most people come from Thailand, Iraq and Somalia. Around 60 % of them are women.

Children and testifying in court
Swedish parents don’t want their children to testify in court. In some cases parents worry about their children’s safety when testifying in court which forces the police to close investigation due to lack of evidence. The problem is well-known in Stockholm and in Malmö and constitutes a risk to the legal system says Sven-Erik Alhem, chairman for the Victims Support to Dagens Nyheter.
The parents' worries are, however, not necessarily based on facts. According to Alhem it is very uncommon with threats against witnesses in Sweden.

Deteriorating results in Swedish schools
Swedish students' results in the subjects science, mathematics and reading comprehension are deteriorating. The National Agency for Education can’t see any positive trend in its annual assessment of the situation of the primary school. Preliminary statistics for this year shows that 12 % of those who graduated from ninth grade last spring, 14,000 pupils, are not qualified to continue their studies. It is the highest rate since 1998, when the current grading system was introduced.