Sweden tops government ranking while US lags
An open government, lack of corruption, and clear laws make Sweden top the new global government effectiveness ranking. Sweden and the Netherlands scored high, with the United States lagging its high-income peers in a new ranking of government effectiveness Thursday called the "Rule of Law Index."

 The rule of law is the cornerstone to improving public health, safeguarding participation, ensuring security, and fighting poverty. "

While the report, based on a three-year study, provides no single rank for the 35 countries examined, it showed Sweden at the top in five of the nine categories - limited government powers, clear and well-publicized laws, absence of corruption, effective regulation, and open government.

 The Netherlands also scored high, ranking second in five categories and third in two others.

 Austria was the top country for "fundamental rights," and an effective criminal justice system while Singapore topped the list for "order and security" and access to civil justice.

 The United States did not top any categories but was third in open government.

New district in Stockholm to be climate neutral
A program for "North Djurgården", has been accepted by the city council. North Djurgården will be a new city-district in north-eastern Stockholm. The aim is that North Djurgården will be the first climate-neutral city-district in the world and an international model for sustainable infrastructure. The new city-district will be placed where the Värta port is today. It is expected to be finished in 2025 and contain 10,000 households.

Many complaints on the election
The number of complaints on mistakes in the execution of the Swedish election is record high. One reason is that only a few votes separated the blocs from winning or loosing an extra mandate in some constituencies. The two cities Arvika and Tranås may have to have a new election. In Arvika because some votes, which were to be disallowed were handled in the wrong way and in Tranås because early votes from the weeks before the actual Election Day have been found and not counted.

18-year-old becomes MP
18-year-old Anton Abele from Stockholm sets a new record as the youngest member of the Swedish parliament. Abele, of the Moderate Party, takes over the seat of Anna König Jerlmyr, since she today was appointed City Commissioner for Social Issues in Stockholm. Abele is an award-winning young activist, debater, politician and member of the Swedish Parliament who committed himself to working against street violence after the death of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani, who was beaten to death at a party in the centre of Stockholm in October 2007. Abele created a Swedish Facebook group called "Bevara oss från gatuvåldet" (Save us from street violence). In one week, the group grew to having more than 100,000 members. In addition, on October 12, 2007, Anton Abele arranged the demonstration "Stop street violence" with more than 10,000 young people and adults participating in Stockholm. Simultaneously with the massive demonstration in Stockholm, anti-violence demonstrations were also held in other major cities in the Nordic region.