Hockey – favorite sport in Sweden
For 17 years in a row, soccer has been the biggest spectator sport in Sweden. Now, ice-hockey is taking over. During the mid 1990’s there was a spectator boom in the so-called fotbollsallsvenskan (the highest league in the league system of Swedish soccer), which culminated in 2007 with the average number of viewers being 10 258. That number is slowly dwindling, and the loss is measured to be 40%. It means that ice hockey is gaining ground as the most watched sport in Sweden. Last year, the average number of viewers of professional hockey was 6210. Bosse Johansson, chairman in Svensk elitfotboll, sees several reasons behind this change. Hooligans is one of them. “It means people don’t feel as happy or as safe when they go to watch soccer. Hockey doesn’t have that kind of problem.” Johansson also believes that soccer has to focus on the audience and build more arenas and facilities. “It’s as if ice hockey is a decade ahead of us when it comes to those things,” he says.

Wouldn’t be in the same government as a Communist
“I would never be in the same government as a communist,” said Center Party’s Maud Olofsson during an interview on Swedish TV. There have been speculations about different kinds of new coalitions if neither of the blocs should get a majority. But forget a coalition between the Center Party and the Left Party. The Swedish Left Party got rid of the “Communists” part of their moniker in 1990. From 1967 to 1990 they were known as “Left Party-Communists”. The Party is headed by Lars Ohly.

Talk of the town: Sofia Hellqvist
Carl Philip’s (controversial) new girl friend, Sofia Hellqvist, made her debut on the red carpet the other night at Berns in Stockholm, where she presented her charity project Project Playground. Prince Carl Philip was sitting somewhere in the audience feeling very proud, and for good reason: Twenty-five year old Sofia was a success and stole many hearts as she talked about the project, which is a non-profit organization that supports and provides safe opportunities where children can develop and which was founded by Sofia and her friend Frida Vesterberg. “My dream is to create yet another center for handicapped children in South Africa. We’ve seen many children who haven’t been allowed to be children in Cape Town’s poor neighborhoods,” Sofia said. After her presentation, she relaxed in the Prince’s company. It’s been said that the Queen in particular isn’t too fond of Sofia (who posed semi-nude before she met the Prince and who was also in a reality TV show) – but maybe even Queen Silvia would’ve had a change of heart if she’d heard Sofia speak?

Salmon burger with cucumber salad
For these days in between the dog days of summer and fall, we might not be ready for stews and soups. But how about a salmon burger? This recipe is good for two people. Ingredients: 250 g salmon filet (skin- and boneless) 2 scallions 0.5 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon finely cut habanero chili 0.5 teaspoon crushed mustard seeds 1 egg yolk 0.5 Tablespoon breadcrumbs 1 Tablespoon canola oil Cucumber salad: 200 g cucumber 3 Tablespoons vinegar 2 Tablespoons sugar 0.5 teaspoon salt 60 g toasted bread (preferably whole grain bread) Begin with the cucumber salad, since it’s best if it sits for awhile. Cut the cucumber in thin slices and mix with vinegar, sugar and salt. Now cut the salmon finely and add the scallions (cut finely, too), salt, habanero chili, mustard seeds, yolk, and breadcrumbs. Make small burger and fry in oil on medium heat for about 1 minute on each side, until they’ve gotten some color. Toast the bread and serve the burger with the cucumber salad.