A case of mistaken decency - Oversized only, not flashing
According to the street police patrolling in Stockholm, a shopkeeper called for their assistance in removing a flasher from before their establishment. The report said the man repeatedly dropped his trousers. The elderly gentlemen in question, who was subsequently taken to a hospital for unrelated ill feelings, was found by officers not to be exposing himself intentionally. He had lost weight recently due to sickness, and the large trousers, worn by many men in their latter years, simply kept falling to the ground. Charges of indecent exposure were not, therefore, filed against the unintentional flasher.

Tragedy with rare garden accident
Lawn mower mows lawn mower: In a grisly accident last weekend in southern Sweden, ambulance drivers pronounced a man in his late sixties dead on the spot after he had been cut to ribbons by his own lawn mower. Nonetheless, local Swedish police said that they would hold an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The local spokesman for the police who responded to the call further related that the large, self-propelled grass cutting machine had apparently tossed the man backward as he ascended a hill on the area that he was mowing. Then the mower, still in gear with cutting blades whirling, tumbled backward, trapping the driver beneath and mauling him.

Swedish Mink Farms Under Fire
Sweden has long been known for progressive policy towards the treatment of both domesticated animals and wild life. A recent expository video journal by the Animal Rights Alliance, however, documents a disturbing amount of abuse of minks reared in 16 mink farms throughout Sweden. The minks, which are traditionally prized for their coats, are shown in deplorable conditions including having bitten each other to death and cages containing animal carcasses. Opposition politician, Lars Ohly, has called for the Government’s swift action or the resignation of Eskil Erlandsson, Sweden’s Minister of Agriculture. “The mistreatment must come to an end” explains Erlandsson, who will now task authorities with the mission to develop a plan for more accurate oversight of the mink industry and for the Ministry to gather information to research the abuses further.