Buy Bob Marley’s Swedish house.
Wanna live like a reggae king? Then you’ll be happy to know Bob Marley’s house in Bromma, outside Stockholm where the famous reggae singer lived in the 1970’s is up for sale. A pink villa it is, the place Marley called home when he was in Sweden in 1971 working with film music. The house, which has seven rooms (five bedrooms and a bath), is still in good shape. Not only did Marley live there, the score to the film “Vill så gärna tro” (“Want so much to believe) starring Christina Schollin and Johnny Nash, was recorded there – while Marley was a resident.

Hip jumpsuit in Alnarp.
They call it “jumpsuit” but it really is an elegant and sober-looking school uniform that can be bought at Sandahls Modehus in Hörby and is worn by every single student at Alnarp, including Prince Carl Philip. Sandahls looks like any small town clothing store, with a mix for all kinds of tastes and ages. What makes Sandahls different, is that they cater to Alnarp lantbruksuniversitet (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp). “We get about 50 of them (the jumpsuits) each new semester,” says Gert Gren, one of Sandahls owners. “About 50% of them go to female students.” The jumpsuit consists of a dark blue blazer, a white shirt, grey pants/grey skirt, tie, and a belt. “The jumpsuit is first worn at Kostymboston, one of our first big parties,” explains Johanna Rosengren, a 22-year old student at Alnarp. That’s when girls usually have to tie their first tie. “It can be a bit tricky,” Rosengren adds. Each class has its own tie pattern, but the emblem of the school remains the same. Prince Carl Philip, however, has not been at Sandahls himself to pick out his costume although he has been seen wearing it.

Compensation for ungloved salute.
The young man who was doing his military service had problems with his hands after having been outside for an hour in extreme cold, and when the time came for him to do a salute, he did so without gloves. Now he’s getting compensated by the state, which will pay him 12,000 SEK ($1,644). According to a report to Kammarkollegiet (The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency), the man is much more likely to feel cold in his hands after this event, and he also is having problems moving his fingers. According to Kammarkollegiet, the man in question is suffering a rare medical disability, something that warrants money from the state.

And the winner is... Noomi Rapace.
Actress Noomi Rapace (who plays Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) receives Dagens Nyheter’s culture prize for 2010. “Her Lisbeth Salander is the black clad, pierced heart of the Millennium trilogy” the newspaper’s statement reads. Rapace has collected quite an amount of prizes lately, first she took home the Guldbagge Award (the Swedish Oscar) for best leading actress, then she was voted best dressed at the recent Elle Gala and the heterosexual of the year during the Gay Gala. Rapace says she is overwhelmed by all the accolades and reveals that the part as Salander was not an easy one. “I felt like it was a bit of a suicide, since so many people have read the books by Stieg Larsson and have their own inner picture of Lisbeth Salander,” she said.