Swedish actress in blockbuster.
Swedish-born actress Malin Åkerman’s latest film “Watchmen” has raked in $100 million. Åkerman was born in Stockholm but moved with her family to Canada when she was just a toddler. She began her career as a model soon turning to acting. She has acted in several films, including “The Heartbreak Kid” and “27 Dresses.” “The Watchmen” is based on a comic book series and stars Åkerman, Billy Crudup and Carla Gugino.

Where Swedes vacation.
Thailand used to be a favorite destination for vacationing Swedes, but the financial crisis has changed that. Today Swedes pinch their pennies and take weekend trips within Europe instead, putting Phuket (Thailand) in 11th place instead of 2nd among the top traveling destinations. And when it comes to Europe, Swedes prefer London.

Strawberries for sale.
How much would you pay for a box of strawberries? And yes, we are talking Swedish strawberries – unarguably the best in the world. Would you shell out $20? Most Swedes (89%) say “No way!” although eleven percent say “Sure, why not?” It is what this year’s first strawberries will cost you. Svenska Odlarlaget in Helsingborg presented them, boxed them (250 g) and yes, sold them too, for 160 SEK (around $20).

Wolf in the way.
Who did you run into today on your way to work? Jennie Johansson in Kungälv (outside Göteborg) ran into a wolf. Luckily she was in her car when she saw it – and she wisely stayed there. “The wolf seemed completely unafraid,” Johansson, who managed to snap a photo of the animal, reported. The wolf created havoc in the morning traffic as people in cars on their way to work stopped to look at it. “It stood just a few meters away from my car,” Johansson continued. Animal expert Benny Nilsson took a look at Johansson’s photo. “It does look very much like a wolf, although we cannot be 100% sure,” he says. It’s probably young, too “Young wolfs don’t know to stay away from humans.”

Funny guys get the girls.
According to a new American study, it’s the funny guy – not the hot hunk – that gets the girl(s). Expressen wanted to see if that held true among Swedish women too, and polled its readers: “What makes you fall for a guy?” 15% said looks, 57% said sense of humor, 5% said his accent, and 23% said his intelligence brought them to their knees.

Artist dressed as pineapple robbed in Malmö.
The Japanese pop star Hideki Kaji used to have a fondness for the Scandinavian countries – perhaps no more. Recently, while recording a new music video in Malmö, he was robbed by three young men. Kaji, dressed as a pineapple, had been left to guard the filming equipment while the film crew went to take some photographs. The men attacked him, beat him up and stole the equipment. The police are still looking for the three men.