Prince Carl Philip's Silver.
Prince Carl Philip has made his debut as a silver designer with his series of cutlery called "CPB 2091", it's the first silverware that the company Mema/GAB launches in over 30 years and the launch took place at venerable Svenskt Tenn on Strandvägen in Stockholm. "I was inspired by modern architecture and big cities like Sydney and New York," said the prince, who was educated at Rhode Island School of Design. The prince is not the first designer in the Bernadotte family, however, his grandfather's brother, Sigvard Bernadotte was a figurehead of Scandinavian design and Prince Carl Philip is an admirer of Sigvard's design as well. Meme/GAB asked the prince to think about "new and contemporary" and the result, his set of silver cutlery, fits everywhere from a fancy ball at the castle or a regular dinner. "Silver," the prince explained, "is marvelous to work with, it has such beautiful shine and tone." For more info, see and

Rock me Bellman.
Carl Michael Bellman is a rock star in the new musical "Life of Bellman" which will premiere at a newly built stage at Ulriksdals Slottsträdgård. It's all about Stockholm 1769 when Carl Michael and his posse conquer Stockholm with their dizzying new music. Crown Prince Gustav, still living a sedate life at the castle, is blown away and becomes a friend of Bellman - a friend and a sponsor, something little brother Karl and Queen Lovisa Ulrika don't quite approve of.. "We've based the story on real events but we don't follow them like slaves," says director Olle Ljungberg. Bellman's own melodies are used, arranged like rock music, as well as new music by Jan Radesjö. The script is written by Ulrika Larsson, Johan Peiris, and Sissela Nutley. Bellman will be played by Albin Flinas, Jesper Salén will be Crown Prince Gustav, and Petra Hultgren as Ulla Winblad.

Lunchbox anyone?
Do you bring a boxed lunch from home to work? Expressen asked its readers and 83% said yes, while 17% said no. How about you? And what do you bring? Is it always the same old? Alltommat has some bright ideas. How does tuna fish salad with beans sound? Ingredients: 410 g cannellini beans, 185 g tuna fish in water, 300 g small potatoes, boiled (cold or warm), 4 scallions (sliced), 1 apple (sliced), 1.7 oz parsley (finely cut). Dressing ingredients: 2 Tablespoons olive oil, 1 Tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon, 1/2 teaspoon salt, pinch or two of black pepper, 1 garlic clove. Drain the beans and the tuna. Cut the potatoes and mix them in a bowl with the beans and the tuna in pieces. Mix in the shredded scallion, the apple slices, and the parsley. Mix the ingredients for the dressing in a separate bowl and pour over the salad.

Doctor's prescription: Red wine.
Red wine as medicine? It might be happening in Sweden soon. A new Swedish study will research the effect of alcohol on cardiovascular disorders. "I believe we will find a number of positive effects from the alcohol," says Fredrik Nyström, Professor of Internal Medicine at the Health University in Linköping, where the study will be conducted. Researchers will ask 25 people to drink red wine every day for three months, two glasses for men and one glass for the women. Another group of 25 will at the same time refrain from drinking at all during the same period and afterwards everybody will have their blood checked, as well as their liver. "This might mean it will be all right for a daily, moderate intake of alcohol for those at risk of cardiovascular disorders," Professor Nyström adds. Earlier studies have shown that red wine in small doses might contribute to less risks for these types of problems. There might be a chance of reducing the risks by 30% by drinking this amount of wine - better odds than for those of a teetotaler. "That number (30%) is tantamount to what you get from a good pharmaceutical medicine," Professor Nyström concludes.

Magnus won Swedish Let's Dance.
The strongest man, Magnus Samuelsson, shows he has some style too by winning Let's Dance. Born in 1969, Samuelsson is a Swedish strongman and former World's Strongest Man. "I'm so very happy," Samuelsson said after winning the popular TV-show, which is the Swedish version of the American Dancing with the Stars. "Now I just want to rest a bit, I'm very tired." It seems Samuelsson was the participant who developed the most in this season of the show, from just being very strong to having some serious style as well as quick feet.