Good harvest forecast despite cold spring
Despite the cold spring and the corona crisis, this year's harvest seems to be normal. According to a forecast from Lantmännen (the Swedish agricultural cooperative), the harvest of cereals, oilseeds and legumes (peas and beans, etc.) will amount to 6.1 million tonnes. "The outbreak of the corona crisis this spring focused on the question of Sweden's capacity for self-sufficiency," says Lantmännen's chairman Per Lindahl. "Considering this, it feels extra good to be able to contribute to the barns now being filled up properly," he tells SVT Nyheter.

More punctual trains in the wake of the pandemic
The corona crisis seems to have had a positive effect on train punctuality. 93.8 percent of the trains were on time five out of six months during the first half of the year, compared with just over 90% in 2019. During the second quarter, traffic volume decreased by 10-30%. "When there is less traffic, there will also be fewer queues and fewer consequential delays if something happens," says Madelene Frödell, acting head of the Swedish Transport Administration. But despite the positive effects of the pandemic, it still does not reach the goal of 95% punctual trains.


Swedes' alcohol intake is declining
Systembolaget's sales increased during the first half of the year by almost 30 million liters of alcohol, or 11%, compared with the same period last year. But despite the increasing sales and a concern about sharply increasing alcohol intake during the pandemic, a survey conducted by Nordstat shows that drinking has generally decreased. The increase in sales is explained by the fact that other purchasing channels have been limited due to covid-19.

Swedish stock market back to early January’s level
Despite the deep corona crisis, the Stockholm Stock Exchange is now back on the plus side since the turn of the year. The index has recently returned to the same level as at the turn of the year, although there is about an 8 percent price increase left to February’s peak. The appetite for risk on the stock market is generally increasing after positive vaccine news, where e.g. Astra Zeneca is involved. At the same time, many analysts in Sweden are worried about increased tensions between the United States and China, where there is talk of sanctions from both sides.

21 new deaths reported on July 16
Another 21 deaths from covid-19 has been registered in Sweden on July 16. The total death toll in the country is 5,593 according to the Swedish Public Health Agency. A total of 76,877 people have been confirmed infected, 385 more than on Wednesday. One additional ICU case has been registered since yesterday. “The Swedish situation continues to look favorable, says Johan Carlson, the Swedish Public Health Agency’s Director-General.