More unemployed in Sweden
Unemployment continues to rise throughout Sweden, new figures from the Swedish Public Employment Service show. At the end of June, 9 per cent, a total of 466,000 people, were registered as unemployed at the Swedish Public Employment Service. This is an increase of 130,000 people compared with the corresponding month in 2019. Unemployment has thus risen from 6.7% to 9% in one year. Unemployment was highest in the counties of Skåne, Södermanland and Gävleborg. According to Swedish Radio, young people and those born abroad have been hardest hit.

SAS has reimbursed 700,000 passengers
The airline SAS has so far reimbursed just over 700,000 passengers who have had their flights canceled due to the pandemic. But thousands are still waiting for money. “We have invested extra resources and this has the highest priority. But some will have to wait several more months,” says Karin Nyman, Communications Director at SAS. The airline Norwegian has so far paid back more than 3.5 billion Norwegian kroner to passengers affected by canceled flights, the company tells SVT News.


Nine new deaths reported on July 14
Another nine people have been reported dead from covid-19 in Sweden. The total number of infected people who have died in Sweden now amounts to 5,545 people, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency. The total number of confirmed infections is 76,001 people, 175 more than on Monday. The Swedish Public Health Agency continues to be optimistic about the effects of the pandemic, but it is important that young people continue to follow the advice, emphasized Director General Johan Carlson last week.