S and MP in government supported by C and L
All is far from said and done but it would seem that Sweden could get a new government after Wednesday’s prime ministerial vote this week. Everything points to the speaker of parliament, Andreas Norlén, proposing Stefan Löfvén as prime minister on Monday with a vote following two days later.
The Social Democrats (S) and the Green Party (MP) will form the new government and the Center Party (C) and the Liberals (L) will support Stefan Löfven as prime minister. The Left Party will have no influence. This is according to a draft agreement that the Social Democrats published on January 11. Both Liberals and the Center party will support Stefan Löfven as prime minister in a government with S and MP. The Liberals released the news on January 13 after a meeting and vote in the Liberal Party Council.
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The draft released by the Social Democrats on Jan. 11 is 16 pages long and lists policy items that the parties have agreed upon. The four parties agree on a budget and "the cooperation is in place financial year for financial year, for as long as the parties agree on its continuation and with the goal to be in place throughout the new government’s four-year term of office.”
The Center Party leader Annie Lööf recommends her party support Stefan Löfven as prime minister. "This is not a solution we would have preferred. But it is the best possible in a difficult situation," she said in a press conference on January 11.
“We have landed at a solution where SD (Sweden Democrats) are not in a pivotal position, a solution where the Left Party is also kept from influencing Sweden's political direction. We have also forced through a liberal reform policy that has not been the case in the latest two government terms,” she says.


In the negotiations with the Social Democrats, the Center Party had the same demands as in December.
"We need a policy where the housing and labor market is liberalized, where taxes on jobs and companies are reduced, where the freedom of choice in welfare is secured, where we get ownership reforms in rural areas, and also issues about environmental and migration policy, along with improved health care,” Lööf said.
The agreement consists of 73 points divided into 11 areas. The eleven areas are finances and government finances, jobs and growth, country growth, the environment and climate, school, integration and honor crimes, housing, healthcare and the elderly, disability, migration as well as safety, security and democracy.

If the agreement becomes reality, it will mean the left turn in Swedish politics is interrupted, according to Lööf. “With this agreement, proposals and reforms will take effect that previous governments - both center-right and center-left - have not been able to realize. I dare say this is unique in Swedish history,” she said.
According to her, the Center Party becomes an independent opposition party. "We will be a liberal opposition party that takes responsibility."