China to boycott Swedish goods?
A diplomatic predicament between China and Sweden has led to calls for a boycott of Swedish companies in China. The present debacle started with a Chinese family who was rejected from a hostel in Stockholm when they arrived a day early but refused to leave the lobby. The three people were driven by police to a subway station four miles away on the outskirts of Stockholm. After the incident, China issued a travel alert for Chinese tourists going to Sweden. The diplomatic mood took a new turn after Swedish Television's satire program Svenska Nyheter published a movie clip with Chinese translation on one of China's largest video sharing sites, YouKu. Companies such as Ikea, H&M and Elecrolux, but also Chinese-owned Volvo, are now targeted on social media with demands for a boycott.

To see the televised movie clip, see Sinophobia is not ok. Viewer discretion is highly advised - this program airs much as a news based equivalent of SNL in Sweden. The program has officially apologized, regretting that the satirical clip appeared on the Chinese movie sharing site. (And indeed, when taken out of context the clip is far from tasteful)