Who wants to be a millionaire?
One in five Swedes considers himself a millionaire.
There are just over 300,000 Swedes with net assets of over SEK 8 million (approximately $1 million), so-called dollar millionaires. The Swedish people have more than SEK 5,000 billion invested in shares, funds or bank accounts according to SCB, Statistics Sweden. But it is capital that is unevenly distributed.

On behalf of the insurance company Länsförsäkringar, Novus survey company asked 2,800 people if they have one million kronor or more in bank accounts or invested in equities and funds. The question did not take into account the level of household loans.
The survey shows the most common profile for a Swedish millionaire is a college educated man who is self-employed, married without children, and with an annual income of over SEK 400,000 ($50,000). In relation to the population, most millionaires are found in counties such as Örebro, Västmanland and Dalarna, where about every tenth inhabitant calls himself a millionaire.


In Stockholm, eight percent have more than one million kronor in the bank or in funds and shares, while only around every 20 people in Skåne and western Sweden (Västra Götaland) reach the million mark.

Credit Suisse writes an annual and comprehensive report, called the Global Wealth Report, which estimates the number of dollar millionaires worldwide using public statistics. The report also includes housing to estimate wealth. Not unexpectedly, most dollar millionaires exist in the U.S., where over 15 million reach the magic number. Number two and three on the list, Japan and Great Britain, have over 2 million dollar billionaires in each country. Sweden ranks fifteenth among the countries with the most wealthy residents.

Credit Suisse also makes a forecast of how the number of dollar billionaires will look in 2022. A clear trend shows the number of super rich is growing rapidly in many emerging economies. For example, the number of dollar millionaires in China is expected to grow 41 percent over the coming four years. Other emerging economies with a growing number of dollar millionaires are India, Brazil, Russia and Argentina. In Sweden, growth of dollar billionaires is assumed to be a more modest 22 percent, which means that by 2022 Sweden will have 408,000 extremely wealthy people.