You know you've been in Sweden too long when ... (well, is there really such a thing as spending too much time there?)

1. It's acceptable to eat lunch at 11 a.m.


2. You think Leif 'Loket' Olsson, reportedly back leading "Bingolotto," is actually entertaining. (You're not alone, between 100,000 and over 3 million Swedes depending on evening agree.)

3. You rummage through your plastic bag collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to garbage.

4. You associate pea soup with Thursday.

5. The first thing you do upon entering a bank/post office/pharmacy is look for the queue number machine.

6. You accept that you will have to queue up to take a queue number.

7. A sharp intake of breath has become part of your vocabulary, as has the sound "ahh."

8. You associate Friday afternoon with a trip to systembolaget.

9. You think nothing of paying $50 for a bottle of 'cheap' spirits at systembolaget.

10. Silence is fun.

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