Prime Minister Stefan Löfven says his minority government will not resign despite the security crisis over the handling of sensitive information. "I take responsibility for the country," Löfven said at the press conference at the government chancellary Rosenbad this morning.

Two new names take place in the government in connection with the transformation announced by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven during a press conference in the morning of July 27. Thomas Eneroth becomes new Minister of Infrastructure and Heléne Fritzon new Minister for Migration and Deputy Minister for Justice.


Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson and Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman leave the government after the scandal, while the Minister for Health Care Gabriel Wikström has asked to leave his post for health reasons.

Tomas Eneroth, until now the Social Democrats' group leader in parliament, takes over as new infrastructure minister. His place as group leader in parliament will be assumed by Ygeman.

Heléne Fritzon becomes new migration minister and deputy minister of justice. Fritzon leaves her post as chairman of the municipal council in Kristianstad in the south.

Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson has increased responsibility for the police while Social Security Minister Annika Strandhäll takes over Gabriel Wikström's portfolio. Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist will remain in spite of the threat of a vote of mistrust.

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