In a bid “to bring joy” to the many, many voters who were disappointed last year when the U.K. overturned a popular public vote to name a ship Boaty McBoatface, a train operator in Sweden decided to open up the vote for a new train name — and use it.

After the top suggestion won by a landslide in an online poll with 49 percent of the vote, Trainy McTrainface — an obvious tip of the hat to Boaty McBoatface — will be ceremoniously baptized in the fall.


Trainy McTrainface is one of four locomotives that MTR Express, a corporation which runs express trains between Gothenburg and Stockholm, that will be unveiled at an official ceremony in Gothenburg. Trainy is joined by other new members of the fleet: Estelle (named for the 5-year-old Swedish princess), Glenn, and another named by an MTR Express staff member.

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