The travel site Lonely Planet rated Gotland as a must-see place in Europe for summer travelers. The Swedish island of rauk formations and roses qualified for a second place in the travel guide company Lonely Planet's list of places in Europe that are worth a visit this summer.

The number of guest nights on Gotland has increased in recent years. Between 2015 and 2016 the number of overnight residents increased from 931,000 to 1,029,000. The proportion of foreign tourists has remained at 11%, but as the total number has increased, it also means that the number of foreign tourists has increased with most so far coming from Germany.


Describing Gotlandís well-preserved natural beaches and forests and its ease for cyclists, press officer Lena Thorn with Inspiration Gotland expressed hope that Lonely Planetís reach outside Europe brings even bigger growth to the Gotland tourism industry.

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