Stockholm University sees 400 applications every year from American students, and the interest among students from the U.S. for studies in Stockholm is increasing. To meet the increasing interest, Stockholm University visited the U.S. to meet prospective students and families in the fall, 2017.

Stockholm University welcomes about 1,600 new international students every fall semester. In total, about 3,000 students are currently studying there and it’s been on a steady increase over the last years.


Study in a diverse city at a high quality university. Attend a lecture by a Nobel Laureate, study in the modern library, go for a run in the countryside near campus or take a short subway ride for a night out in central Stockholm. The Swedish capital offers a diversity few other cities can compete with.
As a student at Stockholm University you have a lot of options. The most difficult one is likely to be which one of the 75+ first-class Master’s programs to apply for.
We caught up with four of our American students and alumni and asked them about their experience at Stockholm University, and what they are up to now.

Connecting students with work life and research
Swedish-American Elizabeth Frödén is currently working towards a Master’s degree in hydrology, hydrogeology and water resources. She is about to start her second year, during which she will work on her thesis on the Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta in Colombia, a protected wetland impacted by human activity.
“I'm still in the program so I haven't started applying for jobs yet, but my department (physical geography) is always doing its best to connect all the students with as many internship and research opportunities as possible. That's something I will definitely be taking advantage of in the coming year,” she says.
Research is also important to her, and Stockholm University is a strong research institution, with numerous faculty members and a wide variety research areas. “Students in my program have been able to find an advisor with a project that suits them and their individual interests,” she says.

Leave your comfort zone
Finding housing is different in Stockholm than in America. “Most universities in the U.S., for example, have student housing that is pretty easy to get, whereas in Stockholm, and Sweden in general, students are a bit more on their own for that,” she explains.
“Stockholm University has a great international student presence and you will get the chance to meet people from around the globe as well as from Sweden,” she says. “Use that opportunity to leave your comfort zone. I would suggest taking some Swedish classes and getting involved in the university's student union. I also suggest getting involved in Stockholm outside of the university, for instance by joining a sports team.”

"Best thing in my career"
Giorgio Sassine studied international commercial arbitration law at Stockholm University and graduated in 2014. He is today working as a lawyer, focusing on international arbitration matters. “Attending Stockholm University and being in the ICAL LL.M. program was the best thing that could have ever happened to my career,” he says. “I am indebted to the program.” While there, Giorgio met an alumna who worked in Paris at a large international firm, and she offered him an internship. “Once I had that internship, I was able to use that experience to find my first lawyer job in international arbitration after Stockholm. The knowledge I gained in the program helped me understand the vast majority of topics and issues of importance in international arbitration. This has helped me be a better lawyer in this field,” he explains.

"Cold but majestic"
An inviting campus and making new friends were among the best parts of studying in Stockholm, but the worst part was perhaps the winter. “Coming from California, I would have to say the winter was hard,” Giorgio says with a smile. He is nonetheless positive about his time in Stockholm: “Be prepared for an incredible experience in an even more incredible setting. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. Anyone who loves nature or the outdoors will love being in Stockholm. The caveat is that the winter is long, but it is one of the most majestic places in the world and you will forget all about the winter. I do not know anyone who went to Stockholm University and had a bad time. You will have an incredible time, I promise!”

Staying in Stockholm
Silvia Ulloa completed a master's program in social anthropology in October 2016 and decided to stay in Stockholm. “I'm still residing in Sweden. I own a small consultancy firm, focused on assisting small businesses and organizations with grant and report writing.”
Silvia was a Fulbright scholar at the university the year before starting her Master's, and she thinks the combination of the Fulbright research year and her Master's program have been very formative for her career. “Stockholm and Stockholm University is a great place to conduct research and make connections, and I'm overall very happy to have studied here,” she says.

Events for every interest
“I love the atmosphere in Stockholm; there are always events going on and the university is definitely part of that," says Silvia. "I attended language cafés frequently, in Swedish as well as another language I've studied for a few years. I attended lots of talks, lectures and film screenings. Attending events was a really valuable complement to what I learned in my courses. One challenge was to adjust to the rhythm of the program,” she explains. “From my university in the U.S., I was used to taking many classes at the same time, with each class being less intensive and the final grade derived from my performance on multiple assignments. At Stockholm University, the schedule is one class at a time. I initially thought this schedule would be less stressful, but I found it to be the opposite. The first couple months felt like non-stop work and it was hard for me to handle. I did adjust eventually but it was not an easy adaptation.”

Opportunity to study Swedish for free
If you are interested in studying in Stockholm, Silvia encourages incoming students to learn Swedish, even if you don't plan to stay in Sweden. The university offers free classes in Swedish for all international students. “Speaking the local language gives a very different and richer experience of the country and is also important for employment in Sweden in many fields, if that's a consideration after graduation,” she says. She also advises students to participate in other activities and to attend anything that sounds even vaguely interesting as a supplement to the regular coursework.

Life changing experience
Alumnus Mike Forsman studied the Masters of Management Program at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University 2011-2013, and is currently working as the director of business development at Triggerbee, a fast-growing marketing automation start-up based in Stockholm.
"Everything in my career and life changed during my time at the university. I had multiple job offers in different industries upon graduating but ultimately took a job working with the Executive MBA at the university. While the pay was lower than other offers in the private sector, the flexibility and work-life balance was really good; it suited me well as we just had a third child enter our family. Furthermore, I was able to grow my network of business professionals in the Nordics which in hindsight has proven invaluable. It was through this network that I was able to land my current position,” Mike says.

Located in a national city park
One of the best parts of studying at Stockholm University is the environment, Mike says. “The university is sitting in the middle of a fantastic national city park in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the setting is just fantastic. You can go to your classes in the morning, take a kayak out to sea in the afternoon, then jump on a cruise to Tallinn in the evening!” he exclaims. Mike also enjoyed studying with his multi-cultural classmates. “I was able to meet really smart individuals from all over the world who provided unique insights and opportunities to see things from another perspective. I know together we all pushed each other to be better than had we been alone,” he says.

Mike also contributed to the development of the university as the student representative class chairman of the Graduate Student Council. Mike says, “When you begin your journey, be proactive. Don't wait for others to come to you, rather seek out the various clubs, interest and student groups and get actively involved. The more you put in, the more you will end up getting out of your time as a student.”

• Stockholm University offers more than 75 Master’s programs in English within science, social sciences, humanities and law.
• The Master’s programs comprise one or two years of full-time studies of 60 or 120 credits.
• The student population is 34,000 students
• Its 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities: 81
• The price per academic year for studies within human science is currently SEK 90,000 ($10,275) and within science SEK 140,000 ($16,000).
• Application period starts October 1 and closes mid-January.

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