Swim school starts in Sweden
Gothenburg now offers free swim classes to children enrolled in preschool, it is included as part of the curriculum. With the ability to swim 200 meters as part of the 9th grade national exam requirements, many children are at risk of failing, especially in areas where private swim lessons are not something parents can afford. The hope is this new program with help all Swedish children learn how to swim and keep themselves safe in the water.

Working out with man’s best friend
A new trend in Sweden has humans exercising alongside canines. With a combination of strength, balance, fitness and obedience training, an average class takes place outdoors with two instructors, approximately 15 participants and their dogs. One popular exercise is the “plank” where humans stretch out, supporting themselves on their forearms and feet while their dogs climb on their backs and balance there. Seen as a way to exercise both man and man’s best friend, this concept is gaining in popularity.


Volvo goes electric
By 2025, Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo Cars, says the company will have rolled out one million electric cars. Volvo hopes to produce two hybrid versions of each model in the Volvo lineup to meet consumer demand for electric vehicles. The first all-electric car is expected to appear in 2019. Popular models such as the Volvo V60, the new XC60, V90, S90 and XC90 will eventually all include hybrid options.

Sweeping streets clean
In an effort to crack down on the staggering amount of litter related to snus and cigarette use across Sweden, over 50 authorities are in agreement that more needs to be done. Many suggest implementing immediate fines for lawbreakers, but some urge caution that education may be more effective in deterring littering in general.

Home ownership may become more expensive
With interests rates projected to rise, the amount of money homeowners in Sweden are used to paying may increase by a significant amount. Lenders are encouraging people to take a careful look at the source of their loans in order to be prepared.