Sweden’s climate minister Isabella Lövin, who also serves as the country’s deputy prime minister, signed a new climate law for Sweden on February 3. Sweden’s goal of phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 is among the most ambitious by any developed nation and ignores uncertainty about climate change policies under, for example our present administration in the U.S. Seven of eight parties in Riksdagen, the Swedish parliament - all but the Sweden Democrats - agreed to pass the law to oblige governments to set tougher goals to cut fossil fuel use every four years towards the 2045 cut-off. "Our target is to be an entirely fossil-fuel-free welfare state," Climate Minister Isabella Lövin told Swedish news media.
The minister whose pose and surroundings clearly suggest a juxtaposed inspiration from our side of the Atlantic publicized the event on Facebook with the caption: The referral of the Swedish climate law is signed. All future governments will be obliged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For a better planet and a better future.