By way of a New Year's greeting, the Swedish royal family offered a recap of 2016, a year that was full of many events in their public and personal lives. Highlights include state visits with leaders of different countries as well as Pope Francis, awards and presentations at various national and international conferences and summits, and several personal milestones, all of which are featured at
Members of the royal family celebrated a variety of major events in 2016, for which they are thankful:
On March 2, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and big sister Princess Estelle, welcomed a son and brother, Prince Oscar Carl Olof.
On April 19, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's son Prince Alexander Hubertus Erik Bertil was born.
The King’s 70th birthday was celebrated with festivities and events lasting from April 25 through April 30, his birthday.
On May 27, Prince Oscar was baptized in the royal chapel in Stockholm. On September 9, Prince Alexander was also baptized.
In July, the whole family was together at Solliden, the royal summer house on the southern island of Öland, during a celebration of the King and Queen’s 40th wedding anniversary on July 19. This official photo was taken then and released to the public for the New Year’s greeting. Shown here are King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, seated; (L-R) Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neill holding Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas; Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel holding Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle; Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip with Prince Alexander.
Photo by Anna-Lena Ahlström/

The Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf held his traditional Christmas speech on Christmas Day, December 25, when he addresses all Swedes, at home and abroad on Swedish radio.


He commenced with three key words — courage, thoughtfulness and decisiveness — and continued, saying, "These words are key for me. They are sometimes used to describe good leadership. But I think they can be good watchwords for all of us. Not least in times of great challenges.”
His Majesty continued by addressing the challenges of climate change and the environment: “Protecting the environment is not just a question of ethics but about survival … Swedish research and technology expertise are key assets, both for the environment and as a basis for Sweden's future prosperity.”
He addressed the troubling times in the world but stressed the importance of not letting fear govern our everyday lives. “We all have a responsibility to act as role models for our children and young people,” he said. "Again, we must show courage, thoughtfulness and decisiveness. Courage to stand up for what is right. Caring for each other. And decisive action to intervene when someone needs help.”
He specifically mentioned the many Swedish men and women who now find themselves far from home in various international missions of peace and security. And was convinced that the country would be a positive force for peace and security through Sweden's seat at the UN Security Council.
Sweden will reach 10 million in population some time in early 2017. It could be a person who is an immigrant, someone returning home after a long time abroad or a child born somewhere in the country. “Regardless, he or she will be a part of our common future. To this person, I would like to say: Welcome! I wish you all the best!”
“By this I and my family wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.”