Looking for an event in Swedish America this summer? Looking for salty licorice, lutefisk, lefse or Scandinavian spiced anchovy? The best skagenröra near New York or a princesstårta? Two apps - one for events, the other for products and places will put the sources, the destinations and the events at your fingertips.

Missing your own store? Adding is easy, so build the community through the apps or online at www.nordstjernan.com (under 'Events' or 'Places') if you prefer to work from your desktop.


The apps are free and available for iPhone and Android systems. Download at www.swedeninamerica.com or www.nordicinamerica.com (or search Google Play or App Store)

Read more about the apps here: Search for anything Nordic or Swedish with new apps

Looking for an event right now? Check our comprehensive online listing of Midsummer events in the United States: Midsummer in Swedish America 2016

These apps were released by one of America's most successful classic ethnic publishers, Swedish News, Inc., producers of Nordic Reach magazine and the Nordstjernan newspaper. What started as a source of news and community for the Scandinavian immigrants in America in 1872, is now the oldest continuously published ethnic newspaper of the Swedish American community; Nordstjernan has been adaptable and in tune with its readership, which over the decades (and centuries) has added many generations of Swedish Americans; it's not surprising that behind the success of the newspaper is its stalwart, faithful and innovative Swedish-ness. Nordstjernan hasn't just survived, it's thrived.

In the words of Kenneth T. Jackson, professor of history at Columbia University and editor-in-chief of The Encyclopedia of New York City, "Over the past century and a half, more newspapers were published in New York than in any other city in the world, in large part because of the huge foreign-born community and the variety of publications that the different ethnic groups spawned. Most had a brief and almost ephemeral life, but Nordstjernan has been remarkable for its long life and high quality. It not only helped Swedish immigrants adjust to life in a new world and a giant city, but it set a standard that other newspapers worked hard to emulate."

For more info on the newspaper, see www.nordstjernan.com