Itís not new news that Sweden offers great education opportunities, even to non-Swedes. And itís not news that so many international researchers spend time furthering their education in Stockholm. But the age of the latest PhD candidate to come out of Stockholm University may be a surprise: Stefan Buijsman is 20.

Buijsman, a student from the Netherlands, just earned his doctorate in the philosophy of mathematics ó as a 20-year-old. Buijsman, who finished his Masterís degree at age 18, said the main reason he came to Stockholm was because of the professors: "I had lots of supervision from two very good professors.Ē He wanted to work abroad and Sweden was one of the few countries with funding for his field. He also credits Sweden's more informal working culture for making it possible. "Getting help is easier here (than in the Netherlands), people are very approachable.Ē
Whether he will stay on in Sweden isnít yet clear, but he would welcome the opportunity.


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