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With a combined population of less than 25 million, the Scandinavian countries have had a remarkable influence on the rest of the world. Products which have their origins at the top of Europe appeal to people who seek not only Scandinavian form but a new way of life; comfortable living, functionality and relative safety without compromising upon beauty and style.
     The new Volvo S90, “designed for a new world,” epitomizes everything that is Scandinavia: Form and function, style and substance, design and utility, performance and safety; NOT just one or the other.
     The base setup is a turbo four with front-wheel drive. Optional powertrains include a turbo- and supercharged four and a plug-in hybrid; both feature all-wheel drive. Every car includes Pilot Assist, which steers the car at speeds up to 80 mph and City Safety, which detects and reacts to animals, pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars. The new luxury sedan is a twin to the earlier released XC90 and the next step in the lineup paid for by the $11-billion transformation plan Volvo is going through. Based on the all-Volvo-designed platform called the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) the sedan is the continuation of a new era for Volvo. A stylish wagon, the V90, will follow in 2017. The new platform is the most versatile solution on the market, and will accommodate every model, including the XC90, the S90, the future V90 and new generations of the 60-models.


Precision, performance and looks
     For the S90 no matter which of the three engines is fitted—the 240hp 4-cylinder turbo, the supercharged four good for 316 hp or the hybrid version whose electric motor boosts output to 400 hp—the S90 provides confidence-inspiring performance. The extremely flexible platform affords levels of steering precision and suspension nimbleness always associated with European sedans. Advanced braking and chassis systems enable the S90 to feel secure in its capabilities across a broad spectrum of driving conditions and situations. It is the only car in the US to feature semi-autonomous technology as standard.
     Maybe the most compelling part of the S90 is its clean and elegant design. The interior is packed with the latest technology; a center-mounted, tablet-like touchscreen infotainment and control center flanked by vertical vents and a sleek, minimalist dashboard. Everything has a means and an end and is just as intuitive and functional as your latest handheld.
     Visually, the interior of the S90 is a model of modern design. Like the exterior, the ethic demands that nothing is there simply for the sake of fashion. S90’s interior is fashionable precisely because it is not “trendy.” Its beauty lies in a blend of functionality, simplicity, and quiet elegance. This is luxury that is designed in, not added on.
     In the words of S90 Designer Thomas Ingenlath: “To me, Scandinavian design according to Volvo is firmly rooted in the values of the Swedish society and the way of life enabled by this unique environment,” says Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president of design at Volvo Car Group. “Our approach goes beyond just bringing Scandinavian design items and signatures into our cars. Our job is to understand the spirit and the confidence that make Scandinavian design so special. Then we must translate it into car design.”
Learn more at www.volvocars.com/us.

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