'Attack on our democratic Europe'
Many people were killed or seriously injured in terrorist attacks at Brussels International Airport and a city metro station this morning. The Swedish Prime Minister has issued a statement: "Brussels has been hit by terrorist attacks, and although the scale is not yet fully known, it is an attack on our democratic Europe. We will never accept terrorists attacking our open societies. The Swedish Government is following the situation minute by minute."

And HRH King Carl XVI Gustaf said: "I and my family have with dismay and horror received the news of the terrible events in Brussels. In this difficult moment, we are all united against this ruthless terrorism, our thoughts go to the victims and their families."


Initial reports say the attacks claimed 34 dead and over 170 injured. Yet another attack on European soil and toward all of humanity, on all the values we have held dear for hundreds of years in the civilized world. Our thoughts and prayers go to friends and all civilized people in Brussels, Belgium and a world where these atrocities can happen.
The Editors