There’s never a bad time to appreciate the wonders of the oceans, and Sweden’s west coast is doing so this week — no matter the weather. From February 23 to 27, Gothenburg chefs are going above and beyond (even more so than usual) to impress with their cooking of seafood. In restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks and pop-up diners known as “soup containers,” visitors can warm up with piping hot fish soup and special “Go To Sea” menus that focus on fish and shellfish.

There are also plenty of activities in town, including several specifically for non-Swedish speakers. Unique culinary experiences are planned, special admission rates are offered at the Universeum Science Centre and the Maritime Museum and Aquarium, there are fly fishing games, an oyster opening championships, ocean fish filet and cooking demonstrations, and even ocean-side accommodations in an archipelago guest house with floating sauna and hot tub.